Perimeter Security Devices and Services
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Our Products

EMB (Enhanced Mobile Barrier)

The Expeditionary Mobile Barrier (EMB) is an innovative, mobile, net barrier that provides effective security in a variety of settings. The EMB can be used for a variety of applications including law enforcement, military and transportation. It’s innovative arresting technology reduces the risk of injury to vehicle occupants, yet brings vehicles to a complete stop in a predictable distance.

Bollards and Bollard Covers

Bollard Covers give flexibility and variety for integrating bollards into existing architectural and landscaping designs. Choose from precast cement bollard covers or highly durable polyethylene bollard covers.


The lightweight and compact storage of the STAR Barrier make it ideal for fast checkpoint setup. When not in use, each STAR folds into a compact, uniform position for storage in its own case. Setup and breakdown of the STAR Barrier is achieved in just four steps, and does not require special training or certification to deploy like concertina wire.

Traffic sign production

Ensuring that personnel and visitors coming into your facility are safe is a number one priority. To meet this need, FutureNet Security Solutions® offers signs and signals packages to increase awareness of your barrier systems for approaching drivers. Our signs and signals packages advise drivers on how to safely proceed into your facility and alert them to when a barrier is activated.



FutureNet Security Solutions® is a full service physical security integrator, manufacturer, and construction company committed to providing quality products and services to the market. Specializing in customized perimeter security innovations for entry denial, intrusion detection and access control, we have proven to be a trusted partner to commercial and military clients. We work closely to meet their specific needs and maintain an outstanding record of contract performance.

Many of our engineers, project managers and sales directors have been trained by the USACE Protective Design Center at the Access Control Points Standards Class. Our Professional Engineering teams are comprised of Mechanical and Civil engineers with over 200 years combined experience. Our Construction and Project Management departments are staffed with highly experienced Project Managers, Site Managers and Client Training Specialists.